Creating a passive income stream

Creating passive income streams is the buzzword today. Is the residual income and its source? Just put - passive income is income that comes, even after completing the work to get it. This is money that comes from the work they have completed work on compared to what you are doing. In other words, this is the steady flow of income of the rights that have been completed.

What are the sources of passive income? One of the more obvious sources of passive income is interest income from your bank account. For example, opening a savings account at a bank and saved $ 1,000,000 through the account, you will receive or 3% annual interest amounting to $ 30,000 per year. You have completed the "work" to deposit some money and you will receive $ 30,000 without having to "work" on deposit. This also means that to continue to enjoy the flowers, you can not withdraw a penny.

rental income real estate is also a source of passive income. The initial capital is lower. However, you have to "work" a little more to open an account and save the original amount of the account. For income from real estate to work, you need to find the property in a prime location with requests from tenants. Therefore, the location is important. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure reliable tenants who will pay rent on time - every month. Until and unless the tenant moves out, you'll enjoy 12 months of rent.

Revenue from royalties is a good example of passive income source. In order to obtain royalty income, you must create a song or write a book. For example, Elvis and Michael Jackson is still receiving royalties for the songs I write now, even if they were dead. This is an excellent example of productive employment and income after you stop working.

If you like writing, writing articles is another way to earn passive income. You do not have to be on the bestselling novel by JK Rowling and Stephen King, John Grisham. The Internet has created great opportunities for writers to get online. You can write articles and sell them to buyers who need them, or simply host your articles online. If you have a web site to stay updated with your item, you will be able to get more passive income, which is a pay per click. Each time a user visits your site and click on your ad, you will pay.
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